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education partner gifts

BreakAway is the premier partner for crafting meaningful custom gifts tailored specifically for test prep & education companies looking to strengthen their relationships with school partners. With our expertise in gifting, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression and fostering deeper connections in the education sector. Our custom gifts are the perfect opportunity for test prep companies to express appreciation, set the stage for success with back-to-school essentials, and leave a create a lasting impression with contacts made at trade shows and events. Partnering with BreakAway ensures that each gift is thoughtfully designed to reflect your company's values and commitment to excellence, helping you stand out and strengthen your partnerships in the competitive educational landscape. Discover the power of custom gifts with BreakAway and take your relationship-building efforts to new heights.


Custom curated packages that are thoughtfully designed to fit your unique needs.

  • Branded note with logo & custom message

  • Custom branded packaging available

  • Low minimum order of just 10 boxes

  • Free shipping in the US

  • Flexible with budgets & timelines 

  • Can include branded swag - send us yours or we will create it! 

  • Support small businesses by using local products

  • Female-founded, owned, and managed



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