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5 Unique Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

Updated: Feb 28

This April 24th, celebrate your do-it-all admin team with a thoughtfully curated gift

It’s true and we all know it: behind every great business is a great administrative team. They are the Swiss army knives behind the scenes and the guardians on the front line. Need to schedule an appointment with the boss? Talk to the admin. Need to get an invoice paid? Find the admin. Need to hear the real deal on why Lindsay from accounts won’t talk to Ryan from marketing anymore? Make no mistake, the admin will know the story up and down, but you’d better not show up empty-handed because gossip costs a premium.

Here are some creative ideas to show your appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day. (Just remember, it doesn’t count if you send them this article and a purchase order for gift boxes. You’ll have to do this one yourself – or hire us!)

#5 Gift Idea for Administrative Professionals Day

Energizing Snacks

Administration is not a “sit at your desk, file your nails, and eat junk food all day” role like we sometimes see in the movies. Instead, your admins are fielding flurries of unrelated requests from different departments and expertly handling clients and vendors, while often making sure the rest of the team has the snacks they need to get through the day. But who’s buying snacks for the snack buyers?

The Giving Back Box is a great place to start, with a wonderful selection of energizing and unique snacks from companies that are dedicated to social good, including Boba Box, Effie’s Biscuits, Kodiak Cakes, Vitacoco Waters, Rx Bars, and more. Because “running” errands is sometimes literal, and your runner needs fuel.

#4 Gift Idea for Administrative Professionals Day

Desk Essentials

All that multi-tasking means administrative professionals need to be organized. Like, ultra-organized. It’s not easy being a walking to-do list, so why not lend a hand to make that endless cycle of planning, scheduling, rescheduling, attending, documenting, and recapping all those meetings… phew… a little more manageable.

The Back to Office package is a great way to show some organizational recognition. Desk essentials options include notepads, pens, and reusable sticky notes to keep track of those random “just passing by” requests, customized thank you notes to boost office morale and a video conference lighting kit to spotlight their hard work.

#3 Gift Idea for Administrative Professionals Day

Stress Relief Toy

Administrative professionals may make it look easy, but managing an ever-evolving workload, navigating a range of personalities, and basically being the team safety net can wear on anyone. When you start receiving a few too many “per my previous email…” messages and 9:00 am meeting invites, it might be time to offer an outlet for their frustration.

Extend an olive branch with an Employee Appreciation Box, complete with a Speks magnet toy. Sit back and watch them imagine the magnetic balls as a mounting pile of responsibilities… and then smash them maniacally. If it appears they’re sculpting a voodoo doll, though, it may be time to lock your office door and think about ordering a second gift.

#2 Gift Idea for Administrative Professionals Day

Happy Hour in a Box

It’s Friday, and after a long week of basically running the company, a happy hour sesh can help a frazzled admin unwind. Sometimes that means joining the team for a drink after work, but sometimes that hour is better enjoyed at home, in an environment a little less overstimulating and… full of people.

With cocktail (or mocktail) mixers and indulgent snacks, this Happy Hour in a Box is a great way to tell your admin they deserve to let loose, either with the team or in their own “happy place”.

#1 Gift Idea for Administrative Professionals Day

Personalized, Curated Gift Box

Sometimes it’s tough to nail down exactly what the administrative professionals on your team do all day… because they do it all! One minute they’re proofreading email campaigns, and the next minute they’re booking a maintenance call while waiting on hold with tech support, trying to cancel that 10-year-old subscription that no one admits to signing up for.

Try designing a custom, curated gift box for employees and build an appreciation package that’s as unique as your admin. They’ll appreciate that you’ve taken the time to get to know their tastes and interests because trust us, they know everything about you.

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