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Ask the Expert: Launching Your Holiday Gifting Season

Can you believe that the holiday season is just around the corner? Don't let it sneak up on you - get ahead of the game and leave the heavy gifting to us.

Custom corporate gifting is trending this year, and for good reason! But how can we make this holiday season special for our best employees, partners, and clients in a unique way that doesn’t leave them with yet another gift card to lose between the couch cushions? And where do we even start? Read on for tips from our experts on memorable corporate appreciation gifts.

Hot chocolate ingredients including Mocha White Cocoa, Marshmallow Pieces and Peppermint Pieces, in clear bottles are nestled in white crepe paper in a box with a white snowflake mug and gourmet popcorn

When should I start planning employee and client-appreciation gifts?

Now! Next question.

Ok, so you may need a little more time to plan the absolute best employee appreciation gifts, but it’s never too early to start. The holiday season between Thanksgiving and the New Year is notorious for stressful shipping delays and changing timelines, so give yourself the gift of knowing that even your remote employees will receive their gift boxes on time by getting your holiday gift orders in early.

What's hot in corporate gifting right now?

While employee recognition is no passing fad, there are some clear trends in corporate gifting for 2023. Our current favorites include:

Local Flavor and Gourmet

Cookie-cutter gift boxes full of boring snacks and mass-produced swag are over. Custom appreciation boxes with gifts from companies local to your employees build community, and remote employees will especially appreciate the extra effort you’ve made to recognize their unique identities outside of that little video-conference box.

Orange and red snacks artfully arranged in white boxes


Your employees provide lasting value and are anything but disposable, so why should you gift them with boxes full of cheap, poorly made swag items or single-use office supplies that will be discarded or forgotten immediately? (Hint: You shouldn’t!)

Sustainable gifts such as high-quality water bottles, household products, and reusable office supplies prove your commitment to the environment, and your dedicated employees you share it with.

Gifts including Caffeinated Simply Mints and Affirmations at Work cards


With the recent increase in remote employment, finding unique ways to foster connection among co-workers has become a high priority. Conversation starters, interactive or creative gifts, and team-building games are fun and unexpected additions to custom corporate gift boxes that will (literally) get your team talking!


Don’t make your gift a commercial. You might incorporate a hint of your brand's core values in the spirit of the gift. You could even weave part of your visual identity into the color scheme of your gift box. But, listen, somebody’s gotta say it: everything does not need your logo on it. Leave call-to-action to the ads. The recipient will always remember it's from you. Hard-branded items rarely get used.

Three jars labeled "Miette et Chocolat" in caramel, almond and hazelnut on gold tray with wooden spoon in the foreground and coffee in the background

Unexpected Holidays

Perhaps a custom holiday gift box still doesn’t feel unique enough, but instead of changing the gift, what if you change the holiday? Unexpected holidays such as World Gratitude Day, National Make a Difference Day, or National Have Fun at Work Day are great opportunities to let your employees know that you appreciate them year-round.

What should I gift and how do I get started?

Breakaway Meetings knows a little something about curating the best employee appreciation boxes for any occasion, and we’re excited to help you get started on your holiday gifting plan!

Close-up of woman sitting on a hearth pouring peppermint pieces into white snowflake mug

Our custom holiday gift packages include festive food & beverages, meaningful gift items, a custom notecard with your logo, and a wide range of personalization options. Our “Cup of Cozy” Box is a delicious winter-themed box, including gourmet hot chocolate ingredients, festive treats and a holiday mug. Also on-trend for 2023, interactive gifts such as a macrame ornament-making kit offers your employees a fun, creative, and mindful activity they can share with their team, in-person or remote. (Don’t worry, even this box includes snacks to eat while crafting!)

Closeup of white "BreakAway Custom Event Packages" branded box with "first snow" candle tin and white snowflake mug

Still can’t decide on the perfect way to show your appreciation? BreakAway is ready to start building and customizing a corporate holiday gift box for your employees that’s on-brand, on-trend, and on-time.

Let's chat today and check this off your list before it's too late!


About BreakAway Meetings

BreakAway Meetings is your source for all kinds of corporate gifting – from event snack boxes for conferences and meetings, to client appreciation gifts, to curated gift boxes for employees. We’ll even include customized messaging and free domestic shipping to home addresses, offices, or hotel rooms with our famous room drops.

Contact us today to brighten someone’s day with a Box of Sunshine!

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