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Connecting the Dots: A Recap of Connect Marketplace in Minneapolis

In the heart of Minneapolis, a city known for its vibrant culture and welcoming spirit, event planners and industry professionals from all corners of the globe gathered for the annual BizBash Connect Marketplace conference. This year's conference really harnessed the power of connection - reminding us there’s nothing quite like the magic that happens when people come together in person and rediscover the profound impact of fostering genuine connections.

Connecting to Destinations with Local Flavors

One of the standout aspects of the conference was the emphasis on connection with the destination itself. Many destinations showcased their local flair, and what’s a better way to connect to a location than through its local flavors? This was highlighted perfectly by Discover Newport, serving up New England Clam Chowder at their booth.

Connection through Sustainability

As expected, there was a large trend towards sustainable products with the booth giveaways, and the Fill it Forward water bottles were a very popular item. They allow you to join a community that celebrates the collective impact of eliminating single-use waste, gives back to charity projects, and has a fill-osophy that inspires the world to reuse.

Embracing Connection with Strangers

A true favorite take away from Connect was the custom pins from JabberYak. This innovative company empowers and embraces the individuality of your attendees with creative conversation-starter pins that showcase 7 personal interests, inviting connection with unfamiliar faces by easily spotting something you have in common.

Setting the Stage for Connection

The Visit Sacramento Speaker Showcase featured presentations focused around the power of connection and how important it is to bring that to your events. After all, It's not just about planning events; it's about creating experiences that bring people together, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression.

Spaces To Create Connection

Given Connect's exhilarating and tightly packed agenda, it was essential to carve out moments for connecting with fellow #ConnectMP participants. These game tables at the Visit Chattanooga were the perfect space to do so.

Custom Room Drops for Conferences - The Key to Unleashing Connection

Curated, custom welcome gifts for conferences aren’t just swag; they are icebreakers, conversation starters, and a window into the local culture. The gifts create a sense of belonging, a shared experience, and a deeper connection not only to one another but to the destination itself. Our custom event room drops are filled with treasures that reflect your destination’s unique character.

Gourmet Savory Treats: Showcase the area’s rich culinary heritage with a delightful array of gourmet treats to really savor the local flavors.

Artisanal Sweets: Handmade chocolates and candies, sourced from local confectioners, delight taste buds and spark conversations about the hidden culinary gems in the city.

Local Artisan Crafts: Unique, handcrafted items, from pottery to textiles, showcase the artistic spirit of the region. Your attendees will not only take home a piece of the city, but also learn about the talented artisans who call it home.

City Guide: A comprehensive guidebook provides insider tips on the city's best attractions, dining spots, and cultural experiences, ensuring that attendees will make the most of their stay.

Are you ready to create the perfect custom room drop to cultivate connection at your conference? Our creative team is ready to find all the local flavors and small-business specialties to showcase your destination. Let’s connect for your next event!

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