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Events Snack Boxes for Every (Corporate) Occasion

Updated: May 24, 2023

Everybody’s workin’ for the good snacks.

events stack boxes for corporate occasions

There are few things that unite a team better than food. No matter if you’re traveling for a conference (“How was the catering?”), in a virtual meeting (“What are you eating over there? It looks good!”), getting love from your vendors or clients (“Guess what our new FAVORITE partner just delivered!”) or having a long week at the office (“Did you see the awesome new snacks in the breakroom?”), snacks are at the center of the business world.

Here are four innovative snack & gift boxes that will inject some flavor and excitement into the workday for your partners or team.

snack boxes for hybrid corporate events

Snack boxes for in-person corporate events

Love it or hate it, business travel can really shake up our meal routines. Even the best of hotel breakfasts and conference offerings can start to feel a little homogenous, and often it’s hard to make time in a busy schedule to explore local shops and cuisines.

Try sending some unique snack options with a hotel room drop – a snack and goodies box delivered directly to event guests’ hotel rooms. Custom options include a selection of locally-made snacks to enjoy back in the room during those inevitable Law & Order marathons, refreshing drinks to stay hydrated (especially important when traveling to Colorado!), complementary city travel guide, stamped postcard, and conference swag items. The hardest part is handling the logistics of room deliveries, but have no fear - we’ve got you covered.

events snack boxes for virtual conferences

Virtual event snack boxes

Even if typical travel food can get a little stale, it still beats rifling through our own kitchen snack-drawers before a virtual meeting. Sometimes the best seasoning is “someone else made it.”

Before your next virtual event, consider sending the best part of an in-person event to your team with a Virtual Meeting Box. New and creative snack offerings will give them something to rave about in those private Zoom chats they’re definitely not having (because they’re paying attention), and the addition of branded items can make them feel like they scored some quality swag without the awkward small talk. Be sure to include a reminder that the crunchiest snacks should be enjoyed on mute!

events snack boxes for client outreach

Client outreach event snack boxes

Some believe the best way to a client’s heart is through quality products and consistently excellent customer service.

That’s wrong. The correct answer is snacks.

Maybe there is some truth to that quality and excellence bit, though, because not just any snacks will do. With a Custom Client Outreach Package you can send thoughtful gifts, intentionally tailored to your client so your business goes from, “Oh look, another tin of pretzels” to “The ones who sent the delicious, gourmet chocolate spread and rescued us from big-box coffee for a week”. (Added bonus: custom notes with your logo make sure they also remember your business’s name and its tasteful snacks.)

events stack boxes for employee appreciation

Employee appreciation event snack boxes

It’s always a good time to send your team an appreciation gift, and it’s always a good time for a snack. Coincidence? Not at all.

Your team works hard and working hard builds an appetite, so a curated gift box for employees could be just what they need to get through that 3:00pm slump. Choose custom snacks to send a message, like Trailblazer trail mix for a team full of pioneers, or Power Bites for a powerful team. You can even throw in some gifts, swag or personalized notecards, although we don’t recommend you eat those.

If it’s not clear, the official stance of this article is that everyone loves snacks. They love them while traveling for business, they love them while working from home, they love them as gifts from another business, and they love them as gifts from their own. With so many custom options to tailor these gift boxes to your specific event or team, it’s time to let us help you seize the title of “Official Best Snack-Giver” once and for all.


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