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Gear Up for the New Year with Employee Gift Boxes

The start of the new year is a crucial time for businesses. How you start the year sets the tone for the next several months. That's why it’s essential to make sure your employees come into the new year with a positive attitude and are ready to be productive. How can you accomplish that goal? With employee gift boxes!

Employee gift boxes offer a unique way to help your workers shrug off the holiday hangover and readjust to a work mindset.

At BreakAway Meetings, our custom packages are personally curated for each client to be packed with delicious foods and playful items that help employees focus and feel appreciated. Start the new year right with these types of custom gifts! Here’s some information about the difference that these boxes can make with your team and all the amazing things you can gift!

Make Things Great from the Start

New Year, New You! And the same can be said for your company too.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to take stock of the previous year and plan how you can make the next one great. Starting out on a positive note is the best way to keep up the momentum at your organization. While many businesses focus on holiday gifting in December, sending gifts to mark the new year can have a tremendous effect on your workforce.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting

Who doesn’t love a great gift? A customized gift package with a personal note can make someone feel truly special and drastically improve their mood. This is especially important in the workplace too.

Think of it like a New Year’s toast! When you engage in corporate gifting, not only do your employees get a boost but so does your business. You’ll increase loyalty from your team, help reduce stress that gets in the way of productivity, and more.

Gift Back into The Swing of Things

The products in our employee gift boxes aren’t your run-of-the-mill corporate gifts. Each item is personally curated to your company and your tastes. From your logo and the thoughtful messages included in every box to the themed products that align with your brand and culture, just tell our team your ideas and we’ll work our gifting magic!

If there are any specific items that you want, we’re here to source them for you. Or if you don’t know where to start with your corporate gifts, leave the creativity to us! We’ll include mouthwatering treats too, that are sure to satisfy any of those oh-so-distracting afternoon cravings. Here are a few examples of what we can include in your box:

  • Desk essentials to make your employees motivated

  • Water bottles/travel mugs to help them stay hydrated and fueled

  • Fidget toys for a quick break instead of endless phone scrolling

  • Energizing and healthy snacks that won’t have your employees crashing a few hours later

  • And more

Set Your Team Up for Success with Employee Gift Boxes

Want to start your company’s new year off on the right foot? Or are you starting a resolution to show your employees how much you appreciate them? We can help!

At BreakAway Meetings, we can send out customized gift packages that will get your employees ready to get going again. Whether in-office or remote, our packages will inspire your team and kick off the year on a great note. Make employee appreciation one of your New Year’s resolutions, and let BreakAway Meetings help you keep it!

Contact us today to start customizing your employee gift boxes this year.

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