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Stand Out from Other Meetings with Unique Meeting Boxes

All-day meetings can be the stuff of nightmares, especially when Q1 Sales Kickoff Meetings are coming up. Zoom meetings can start to feel like Gloom meetings when employees have to do them for nearly the entire work day, even if those meetings do a lot of good for the company. You can overcome meeting dread with custom meeting boxes from BreakAway! We help take the strain out of virtual meetings and replace it with fun and focus thanks to our handpicked goodies.

A meeting is supposed to engage employees, not enrage them due to boredom. With custom meeting boxes from BreakAway Meetings, you can keep attendees interested and contributing all day with gifts they’ll love, delivered directly to wherever they might be.

The Key Ingredients to a Great Meeting

Meetings are essential for every workplace as they provide a platform for employees to share thoughts and ideas and for managers to distribute important information. Even with the increase in remote and hybrid work, the value of meetings hasn’t changed. However, the Zoom fatigue is real these days, which adds new challenges to virtual meetings.

Our custom gift boxes for virtual meetings can help fight Zoom fatigue and make sure your meeting is productive and engaging. We include a wide range of items that fuel both the body and the mind, so you can have a more focused and productive meeting. Here are some of the things you can pack into our meeting packages:

Energizing Snacks

Tasty snacks are a mainstay of many meetings, but just handing out some bland chips isn’t going to inspire hard work. At BreakAway Meetings, we curate nutritious snacks that are perfect for all-day or multi-day meetings. Your employees will get morning and afternoon snacks to pump up their energy for their initial meetings and help maintain motivation to avoid the 2 PM slump. As an example, some of our custom virtual meeting gift boxes include Vitamin B12 energy patches to help employees stay energized and focused naturally.

Thoughtful Gifts

Food isn’t the only way to help employees get through a marathon of meetings. That’s why our gift boxes can also come with some fun toys and knickknacks! Keep your attendees focused with an adult fidget toy that they can reach for instead of their phone, or a 3-minute desk meditation guide to help them re-center during their break and come back to the meeting energized and full of ideas. These are just some examples to get you started.

If you have an exciting idea for your gift boxes, don’t hold back! All of our packages at BreakAway Meetings are 100% customizable. From specific items to general suggestions, we do everything we can to find exactly what you want. We will even match the colors of items in our boxes to your company’s palette!

Bring the Spirit of Your Company to Attendees Everywhere

Remote work has let us spread out all over the country, but your employees are still connected through your business no matter where they are. A gift box from BreakAway Meetings is a phenomenal way of reminding employees that they are all still part of the same team. Your personal branding will be front and center, from the actual box to the packaging inside, and we’ll use your logo and include any message you want on the note inside. These customized gift boxes are an amazing way to bring your company culture right into employees' lives, no matter where they are!

Take Our Custom Colorado Gifts Boxes for Example

Colorado is our home turf, so let’s use that as an example of what we can do when it comes to localized treats, gifts, and more. Our custom Colorado gift boxes feature products sourced directly from businesses across the state. These types of local food selections remind recipients of home, even if they’re on the other side of the country. Our gifts are sure to make your remote employees feel like they’re ready to explore Colorado’s mountains and cities all from the comfort of their desk.

Make 2023 an Unforgettable Year with Our Meeting Boxes

Are you gearing up for a big day of meetings? With the new year coming up, plenty of companies are already gearing up for their 2023 sales kickoff meetings. While some groan when they see a day booked full of Zoom meetings, at BreakAway, we believe these gatherings are the perfect time to connect and collaborate! When employees struggle to participate and engage, you lose all the good a meeting is meant to achieve — our custom gift boxes can change that!

Even when the WIFI isn’t connecting as it should, your attendees will feel connected through our meeting boxes!

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