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The Benefits of Welcome Gifts for New Employees

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Welcome gifts are a great way to make your new employee feel valued and appreciated. These gifts show your appreciation towards your new hires and help you build trust among them.

If you want to make sure things start on the right foot, it’s a good idea to have welcome gifts for new employees ready to go before they even enter the office.

A new hire pack is often thought of by many as a "bundle of stuff," but that pack can be much more than just that. The employee gifting practice has evolved over the years, and now many employers offer a wide range of different types of packs for new hires, depending on the type of work their employees do. Here’s what you need to know about new employee gifting today.

Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated Before Their Start Date

The concept behind welcome gifts for new employees is simple: make sure new hires feel comfortable and well taken care of while they're getting acclimated to their new workplace. Coming into a new environment can be unnerving and uncomfortable, but a welcome gift package for your new hires can make their transition much easier.

Employees appreciate having access to some basic necessities during their transition periods, such as snacks, coffee mugs, pens, and other small items that help them start off on the right foot.

Effective onboarding with a new hire pack introduces an opportunity to present and integrate new elements of company culture. Here are just some of the benefits of offering welcome gifts for new employees.

Establish Company Culture

Introducing someone to your company culture can be an important part of their onboarding experience. If you want to cultivate a casual and relaxed environment, consider including some fun items in your welcome pack like desk fidget toys, appreciation gift, or other similar items. If your company culture emphasizes professionalism, then an appropriate welcome gift might include more items related to business, such as a desk calendar, pens, paper clips, etc.

Your welcome gift packages for new hires directly reflect your company’s brand, how you view yourselves, and your work environment. As such, your new hire pack should embody your company’s personality and communicate that everyone at the company works together as a single team.

Showing Appreciation

You can send a welcome gift to your new employees who have just joined your company to communicate that you value them from day one. Some managers may simply rely on a welcome email to say they’re glad a new hire has been chosen to work there and that their decision is appreciated. However, a welcome gift package takes employee appreciation to the next level and sends an impressive message to your new hires.

This nice gesture shows employees they are appreciated on a personal level. The physical gifts provide a clear message that your company is supportive and welcoming, which can greatly benefit you in multiple ways. These gifts can also help foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among employees and managers alike.

Improve Performance from the Start

The general consensus among HR professionals is that the onboarding process usually takes at least 3 months. This means it may take a while for your new hire to get their feet wet, learn about your company, and get started. Welcome gifts can help expedite that timeline.

A new hire pack allows you to integrate your new employee into your company quickly. You can use it as a segway to introduce new hires to key people within an organization or share insights about how your company operates. A new hire pack can also be used to answer common questions, helping employees save time. You also increase the chance of success for employees by giving them a welcome kit with detailed information and more at the beginning.

Reduce Employee Turnover

We all know that fast employee turnover or a high turnover rate is a red flag and can deter future employees from wanting to work for you.

A welcome gift for new employees can correct that issue because it helps your new hires feel more comfortable at their job and gives them more information on how to do their work correctly. It helps reduce feelings of stress that may come with starting a new position at work and employees won’t quickly forget the support they received on day one. If you help your workers enjoy their jobs and feel like they’re a part of the team, then you're more likely to get loyal staff and less staff turn­over.

Build Your New Hire Pack Today with BreakAway Meetings

Give your employees personalized gifts to show they're appreciated right from the get-go. At BreakAway Meetings, we specialize in creating custom welcome gifts for new employees, no matter the size of your company or your industry. We provide a concierge level of service throughout the entire gifting process to ensure your employee welcome gift package perfectly aligns with your needs.

Contact us today to start the gifting process!


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