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What is the Purpose of Employee Appreciation Gifts?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Employee appreciation gifts

Employee appreciation programs are a great way to encourage employees to do better, grow professionally, and help the team succeed. But sometimes it can seem like there aren't enough ways to show appreciation, even if regularly going to happy hour with the team. That’s where employee appreciation gifts can come in handy. And while everyone wants to make sure they're giving thoughtful rewards and incentives; it can be difficult to think of something that fits every individual.

That's why we've compiled a list of tips and suggestions to help you find the perfect employee appreciation gift These are just a few ideas to inspire your next corporate holiday party or reward program, from personalized mugs to personalized notebooks.

Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts

You want the employees in your company to feel valued and appreciated every day, but there are times when it feels like we don't do enough to show our gratitude. Sometimes you just want to give something extra special. Whether it's because you're trying to impress someone, or you want to truly express your appreciation for a job well done, take a look at some of our favorite unique gifts to help inspire you:

  • Thoughtful and themed snacks

  • Gifts that give back and support what matters to you

  • Small herb growing kits for houseplant-obsessed workers

  • Unique and purposeful branded swag

  • Handwritten notes expressing your gratitude

  • and more

How Can I Make my Employees Feel Valued?

You've got a team full of hardworking employees. They work long hours, putting out fires left and right. But how do you make sure they know they're appreciated and valued at your company? One way to express this feeling to your staff is to offer gifts of appreciation. Whether it’s an incentive program or a customized gift package, physical expressions of these sentiments will allow you to reward your employees for outstanding performance and encourage them to continue down that same trajectory.

Employee appreciation can take many forms. Some companies use rewards such as gift boxes. Others might provide educational opportunities and pay for professional development. And other companies may explore alternatives like using a “wall of fame,” taking the team on fun outings or even simply writing encouraging notes. Whatever form your employee appreciation program takes, it needs to be well thought out and designed to encourage positive behavior.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when coming up with ideas for gifts of appreciation for employees:

1. Keep it simple.

An employee recognition program shouldn't be complicated. If you try to make your employee recognition efforts complex, you run the risk of confusing your employees about whether or not they are being recognized.

When it comes to employee appreciation gifts, keep it simple and don’t go overboard. Focus on one type of unique gift, then you can add additional items over time depending on how your employees react to their gift packages.

2. Be specific.

When creating your employee appreciation gift, think about what motivates equal members of your team. For example, maybe someone likes snacks and food while others enjoy branded swag. By focusing on the most appropriate type of recognition that works best for each individual, you can better tailor your gifts of appreciation for employees to motivate and inspire your team.

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