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Why Employee Holiday Gifts are Important

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Explore curated options for employee holiday gifts and corporate holiday gifts and activities with BreakAway Meetings.

The holiday season will be here sooner than you think! Giving employees personalized gifts to award their achievements is a good way to recognize them, show appreciation, and motivate them in the coming year. Now is the ideal time to start planning for the holiday season and figuring out your employee holiday gifts. BreakAway Meetings is the best place to turn for curated gift packages and all of your corporate holiday gifting needs.

Why exactly are holiday gifts for employees important? Why should you focus so heavily on this concept during the holiday season? Let’s dive in a little further.

What is Employee Recognition?

Anyone can spread holiday cheer and that includes you! Publicly acknowledging employees for their contributions is called "employee recognition," and it is an essential part of any workplace, especially during the holidays. That recognition is essentially positive praise for an employee's strengths and accomplishments and may include physical and verbal expressions of gratitude and appreciation.

The purpose of employee recognition is to reinforce certain actions, habits, or processes that lead to better performance and positive business outcomes. Thoughtful office holiday gifts help foster a meaningful relationship between your staff and your company, and help create a strong sense of loyalty.

Employee recognition helps people recognize one another and makes the office environment more friendly, human, and enjoyable for everyone. It’s important to recognize and celebrate your employees throughout the year, but there’s no better time to do so than the holiday season! It’s the season of gifting, after all, and because of the emotional association with the holidays, corporate holiday gifting can go a long way for your staff and your company.

Who doesn't love a unique, personalized gift during the holiday season?

Engage, Motivate, and Appreciate Before and During the Holidays

Most companies celebrate major holidays throughout the year, and it’s important to take the time during those events to focus on your staff members.

Holidays are moments of pause and celebration when people can cut loose and enjoy themselves. You can make these moments even more special and memorable by providing unique, curated holiday gifts for your employees. Trust us: you’ll be sleigh-in' it at the office holiday party.

Holiday Employee Recognition Gifts Make a Difference

In today’s business environment, there is always competition among companies to recruit and retain their best talent. Recognizing employee achievements will help build a positive working environment and keep workers on staff.

Take the initiative now to plan in advance for your holiday celebrations and corporate gifting occasions! Preparation is needed to show that you’ve taken the time to effectively recognize all the employees within your organization. You definitely don’t want your employee holiday gifts to come across as last-minute afterthoughts.

Reasons to Start Your Corporate Holiday Gifting Early

  • Steer clear of inventory mishaps.

  • More opportunities to completely customize your gifts.

  • Save money on expedited shipping and delivery fees.

  • Reduce holiday stress (we all know what that's like).

  • Time to bake your holiday favorites instead of wrapping gifts last minute (we love cookies just as much as you do!)

Don’t let the holiday season sneak up on you! Get started on your office holiday gifts sooner rather than later with our team at BreakAway Meetings.

Get Your Employee Holiday Gifts Started Today

We cannot stress enough the importance of figuring out your holiday gifts far in advance. If you’re ready to explore holiday gift packages for your employees, leave the heavy gifting to us!

Contact BreakAway Meetings today to learn how we can curate your office holiday gifts to your exact needs.

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