About Us

Our Story

Kim & Angela built their careers in the hotel venue world, servicing groups of all different sizes and specialities. They share a passion for creating lasting memories through the food and beverage at their conferences. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, they were both laid off and looking for a way to continue their passion for event food & beverage. With the event world turning virtual, they noticed a severe lack of fun and customization in virtual meetings, and they quickly developed BreakAway to change that. They are here to add in that missing layer of personalization to your online meetings.

Meet Kim

Kim has worked in hospitality since she was twelve years old, doing everything from dishwashing to the front desk, and for the past few years, event planning. She loves all of the detail-oriented tasks of being an event planner, but more than anything, she loves planning menus. Creating custom menus to ensure a group has a memorable experience is her specialty, and she would love to help you create incredible experiences with your virtual events! 

Meet Angela 

Angela has worked in the hospitality industry for over ten years, beginning in hotel room operations and moving into the event planning realm. Her favorite part of her career is creating lasting relationships with guests and clients, and ensuring their experience is memorable in a world where there are so many venue options. As the days of in-person meetings are turned upside down, she is so excited to partner with her best friend Kim to wow your attendees and change the way they experience virtual events!