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Rocky Mountain Energizer

Elevate your event experience with the "Rocky Mountain Energizer," a bespoke room drop or welcome gift thoughtfully curated for events hosted in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado. This dynamic package showcases locally made snacks that are not only full of vibrant local flavors but also packed with energizing goodness. Ideal for on-the-go exploration of Colorado's stunning beauty, these snacks are perfect companions for hikes or outdoor adventures. By offering this selection, we aim to connect your event attendees with the essence of this remarkable destination. Whether it's fueling a mountain hike or simply savoring the local tastes, the "Rocky Mountain Energizer" is a delightful introduction to the unique energy and flavors that make Colorado an unforgettable experience.

To add a personalized touch, each package comes with a custom notecard featuring your logo and a welcome message to all of your attendees. Meticulously curated and delivered directly to your Colorado venue, this package is the perfect blend of locality, sustenance, and convenience to welcome your attendees to their on-site event and build connection to their destination.

Package Contents: 

  • Colorado Nut Co. Rocky Mountain Energizer Trail Mix

    • Made in Denver, CO

  • Kettlehead Denver Cheddar Popcorn

    • Made in Denver, CO

  • Patterbar Fruit + Nut Clean Energy Bar

    • Made in Denver, CO

  • Bobo's Original Oat Bar

    • Made in Boulder, CO

  • Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter

    • Made in Boulder, CO​

  • Chocolove Almond Butter Cups

    • Made in Boulder, CO​

  • Teatulia Easy Green Tea

    • Made in Denver, CO​

  • Custom Notecard with Logo & Message

    • Back of note can outline locally made products if desired​

  • Packaged in Kraft Gift Bag with Tree Print, Tied with Green Raffia Ribbon

  • Delivery Information:

    • One time delivery fee to Denver-Metro Area: $25​

    • Shipping available to areas outside of Denver-Metro, please contact our team at to inquire about fees

10-24 Gifts: $40/Gift

25+ Gifts: $35/Gift

To Order:

  • Please email our team at

  • Include the following information: 

    • Name of package you'd like to order

    • Number of packages you would like to order

    • Date of event/occasion

      • If you're looking to have the gifts shipped ASAP, please note that gifts will ship within two weeks of order.

    • Any special requests

Order Notes:

  • You will hear back from our team within 24 hours (excluding weekends) to confirm your order.

  • We will send you an invoice once all details are confirmed. This can be paid via credit card in our secure Quickbooks system.

    • If you prefer to pay with a check, please let us know ASAP.

  • We will request the following information prior to shipment:

    • A file of your logo

    • The custom note text ​you would like include in each box

      • Please note, this is not personalized. If you would like to personalize the notes, please add $2 per gif​t.

    • The contact information of the event manager you're working with at your venue so we can coordinate the delivery of your packages

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