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Benefits of Gift Boxes for Remote Employees

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Many analysts have predicted that workers will continue to work from home offices beyond the pandemic itself, and now that the situation has become more stable. Many businesses are beginning to shift away from traditional office environments and adopt either hybrid or remote work situations. With that being said, it is still important to make employees feel valued and you can accomplish this goal by providing gifts for remote employees.

With remote work presenting greater flexibility, savings, and increased productivity, it has shifted into being a more permanent option for organizations around the globe.

However, while remote working offers numerous benefits, there are some drawbacks that must be overcome by each company individually. Many teams struggle to maintain human connection, which can cause some team members to feel disconnected and undervalued. This can lead to burnout and high attrition rates among those who remain out of the office. Whether you’re a team leader or a manager, it’s important to make your employees feel valued, appreciated, and welcome.

Why Gifts for Remote Employees are Important

While there are many reasons why gifts for remote employees a great way is to thank employees for their hard work, here are three of the most common ones.

1. Promotes Team Bonding

Team bonding is often difficult to accomplish, even while working together in person. However, physical gifts are in a virtual environment. Allows employees to interact with each other virtually and connect over their shared presents. In turn, this makes it easier to bond and build relationships among colleagues.

2. Encourages Staff to Continue Producing High-Quality Outcomes

When you give your remote employees gifts, they will understand that you appreciate their hard work and dedication to the organization. This helps encourage them to keep up their good work even though they're working remotely. And if you can personalize your gifts, they’ll feel even more appreciated and happy to work.

3. Keeps Employees Engaged with Your Business

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they’re less likely to leave or look elsewhere for work. Virtual gifts provide an opportunity to engage further with your employees, share important messages with them, and engage with them on a more personal level. This will ultimately benefit your retention rates and your bottom line.

What Kind of Gift Packages Do We Have for Remote Workers?

At BreakAway Meetings, we have a gift box package for any occasion! Whether you need personalized employee appreciation gifts, team building kits, corporate snack boxes, or care packages packed with energizing snacks and beverages, we can create the perfect custom gift box for your remote workers.

Virtual happy hour gift box

A custom box designed to pair with a wine, beer, or liquor delivery. Includes a variety of charcuterie snacks, sweets, and cocktail mixers; the perfect ingredients for a fun remote happy hour!

Back to office gifts

Get your team members excited about transitioning to a hybrid or in-office work environment with a Return to Office gift box shipped directly to their homes. This box can be filled with branded swag, office essentials, and energizing snacks to make the transition easier.

Corporate gifts that give back

Add some good to the world by giving back with this gift box. Each one is filled with products made by companies that give back, and each purchase donates to a charity of your choice.

Employee appreciation gift boxes

Show your team well-deserved love with a box full of their favorite things (like mugs, coffee, tea, candles - you name it).

Virtual event gift boxes

Send the same experience to those attending your event or meeting virtually as those attending in person. Staff gift ideas and team-building kits are available in event gift boxes.

Unexpected gifting

BreakAway from the expected by sending an unexpected, themed box for those lesser-known holidays like National Chocolate Day, Admin Appreciation Day, and more.

Gifts for conferences and personalized corporate gift ideas

As events return to in-person, treat your attendees to a welcome bag of local snacks and products when they arrive at their hotel.

Client gifts, new hire gifts, new employee welcome gifts, and more

A special thank-you package for your VIPs. These gift boxes can include upscale products, optional branded swag, and premium packaging.

Treat Your Remote Employees to a Special Surprise

Show your employees you appreciate them by giving personalized gift boxes to your remote employees. At BreakAway Meetings, we specialize in creating customized gift boxes for remote employees and in-person workspaces, no matter the size or industry. We provide a concierge level of service throughout the entire gifting process to ensure your gift package perfectly aligns with your needs.

Contact us today and start your gifting process!

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