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Elevate Your Event with BreakAway Meetings: Unforgettable Room Drop Ideas and Custom Hotel Welcome Gifts

custom room drop package for Newport Beach, CA event

As an event planner, you know that the first impression sets the tone for the entire event. What better way to welcome your guests than with a customized room drop that goes way beyond the standard welcome letter? BreakAway excels in delivering the perfect welcome experience for event attendees with their innovative room drop ideas and their full-service approach. 

Unpacking the Experience: Elevate Your Event with a Custom Room Drop

Picture your guests walking into their hotel room and discovering a carefully curated package tailored to the destination they're visiting. We take the concept of a hotel room drop to new heights, offering locally sourced snacks, conference swag, branded company gifts, travel items, and self-care products for a truly immersive experience.

Local Flavor Through Custom Room Drops

Las Vegas themed room drop gift

One of BreakAway’s signature touches is their commitment to sourcing everything locally in their custom room drops. From tea & honey, spa products, coffees, and granola bars, these locally inspired treats not only enhance planned functions but also provide a genuine connection to the event location. Guests get to experience the flavors and culture of the destination right from the moment they step into their hotel room.

Personalized Touch: Beyond Generic Swag

Bid farewell to uninspiring swag that ends up in the trash—BreakAway is committed to crafting gifts that resonate with attendees. The gifts even offer a unique sponsorship opportunity, allowing sponsors to brand or co-brand the packaging, notecards, or some items within the gift with their logo, creating a lasting impression.

Effortless Logistics and Coordination for Your Hotel Room Drop

With a background in hotel events, the BreakAway team understands the importance of seamless logistics, handling the coordination and delivery of gifts to the venue and to the event guests on-site. This invaluable service frees up event planners to focus on other critical tasks, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Pre-Curated Selections for Colorado Occasions: Room Drop Ideas Unveiled

Since we’re located in the heart of the Centennial State, BreakAway offers a pre-curated selection of Colorado gift packages on their website for events based in the state, making it easy for event planners to choose from their most popular Colorado packages. For events in other cities around the US, BreakAway Meetings goes the extra mile to discover local favorites and create the perfect package that showcases the destination and puts it all together in a custom proposal.

Customization to Fit Your Budget and Goals

We understand that each event is unique, and budgets vary. We work with event planners to curate the perfect package, offering the option of different levels for general attendees and VIPs. Starting at a reasonable $25 per gift (with a minimum of 10 gifts), the price can be adjusted based on the level of customization desired and includes the cost of shipping the gifts to your venue.

custom room drop packaging with branded ribbon

Endless Packaging Options

Choose from a variety of packaging options for your custom room drop, from simple kraft gift bags to deluxe gift boxes tied with satin ribbons featuring your logo. Choose from a reusable branded cotton drawstring bag or incorporate a branded bag as part of the custom room drop, such as a backpack or hip bag.

Tailored Gifts for Your Destination: Room Drop Ideas That Impress

Align your gifts with the event's location, ensuring a memorable experience for attendees. For instance, a cooler with branded sunglasses, locally sourced waters, hydration packets, and a branded beach towel might be perfect for a Florida event. In Colorado, a hiking backpack filled with energizing hydration packets, trail mix, and an oxygen canister could be the ideal choice.

Beyond Products: Memorable Room Drop Experiences

BreakAway Meetings doesn't stop at physical items. They can include a local scavenger hunt, a tourism magazine, or a unique piece that attendees must bring to your booth for a chance to win—a brilliant idea for sponsorship packages.

BreakAway takes the stress out of gifting, allowing event planners to focus on crucial tasks. Elevate your event with unforgettable room drop ideas and custom hotel welcome gifts that leave a lasting impression. Visit BreakAway Meetings to explore their pre-curated packages and start planning an exceptional room drop experience for your guests.

Our dedicated team at BreakAway Meetings is standing by, eager to craft the perfect package tailored to your needs. Contact us today, and let's make your event exceptional together!

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