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Wow Your Guests with Custom Hotel Room Drops

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Custom hotel room drops

After years of meeting virtually, companies are excited to bring people back together again in person. If events and conferences are a part of your business and company culture, make your guests feel welcome during the event with a custom room drop from BreakAway Meetings.

What Is a Custom Hotel Room Drop?

A room drop (also referred to as a hotel welcome gift) is a gift that your guest receives at the hotel upon arrival. Room drops are typically handed out at check-in or are delivered to a guest’s room after their arrival. Event guests love these gifts because they add a personal touch to their work trip experience and make them feel welcomed and appreciated.

At BreakAway Meetings, we coordinate your room drop gift packages with the Front Desk of any hotel. We’ll learn about your event and attendees, provide locally sourced options to create a connection to the location of your meeting, and handle the logistics of delivery or shipping to the hotel or venue – it's that simple!

Just imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they open a surprise personalized gift in their hotel room! It’s the perfect way to leave a lasting positive impression on your attendees.

Customizing Your Hotel Room Drop Gift Package

If you're looking to plan ahead, we've got some tips on how to pick out a great gift for every occasion.

People often overlook hotel room drops when planning their next conference or big work event, but it doesn't take much effort to ensure your guests have everything they could want or need during their stay.

For instance, hotels often offer complimentary breakfast, but most don't provide much beyond cereal and coffee. With limited early-morning and late-night food & beverage options in hotels, a thoughtful hotel welcome gift with energizing snacks and beverages will keep your attendees satisfied no matter what time of day.

Hotel room drops can feature pre-packaged foods, beverages, and whatever else you see fit, specifically designed with travel in mind. Items like a city tourism guide, stamped postcard to send a note back home, or event swag can be included. Curated hotel room drops are convenient, easy to arrange, and thoughtfully designed with your attendees in mind — no additional prep work is required on your end!

Curated Hotel Room Drops

At BreakAway Meetings, we build fully customized room drop gift packages for your conference or event tailored to your guests and their needs. When we say they’re customized, we mean it. We build each package from scratch around a specific theme and feature various unique, locally sourced products, depending on your budget and needs.

No matter where your event is located, BreakAway will find the small, local businesses in that community to provide your attendees a “taste” of that city or region. This drives connections between your attendees and your host city and introduces them to the local favorites. For instance, your custom hotel room drop package can include things like:

  • Local Chocolate Bar

  • Local Breakfast Item

  • Local Cookie with Your Company Logo

  • Local Popcorn/Snack Mix

  • Local Canned Coffee/Tea

  • Stamped Postcard

  • City Tourism Guide

  • Custom Welcome Note with Logo

  • Gift Bag with Logo Colored Twine

  • Branded Packaging

Our custom room drop gift packages start at $25/person, and we will coordinate the delivery and logistics with the hotel on your behalf, leaving you more time to check off the other tasks on your to-do list.

BreakAway from the Ordinary with Custom Hotel Room Drops

No matter what sentiment you are looking to deliver, BreakAway will put together the perfect options to take your attendee experience to the next level. Leave the heavy gifting to us, and your custom room drops will be there waiting for your guests when they arrive!

Contact us at BreakAway today to plan your next custom hotel room drop!

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