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BreakAway from Basic Gifts with Custom Holiday Packages

BreakAway from Basic Gifts with Custom Holiday Packages and Gifts at BreakAway Meetings

Ready for some holiday gifting? The season of giving is coming up quickly and we want to make sure you are ready. Show people that you care about them by providing your guests, employees, and clients with custom holiday packages!

80% of Americans purchase their holiday gifts in November, so why should you be any different? When you get the shopping done early, you have time to enjoy more of your holiday activities.

Here are just a few reasons you’d want to plan your custom holiday packages with BreakAway as soon as possible:

  • Steer clear of inventory mishaps

  • A larger selection of thoughtful and purposeful gifts are available (give people what they actually want!)

  • Reduce holiday stress (we all know there's plenty to go around!)

  • More opportunities to completely customize your gifts

  • Save on expedited shipping and delivery fees

The sky’s the limit with our custom holiday packages at BreakAway Meetings! We can completely customize your company gift boxes to your exact specifications. Let's dive in!

BreakAway will build you the perfect curated gift package that’s complete with thoughtful gifts, festive snacks and drinks, and a custom notecard with your logo! Treat yo' elf (and those who mean the most to you).

Our curated gift packages start at $45/person, including shipping. Check out examples of previous holiday gift boxes that we’ve created below.

Inspiration for Custom Holiday Packages

These holiday gift boxes will bring holiday cheer wherever they go! Find some inspiration for your custom corporate holiday gifts with BreakAway Meetings.

Let's “Pop” Into the Holidays

"Pop" Into the Holidays with custom holiday packages at BreakAway Meetings

This unique Movie Night Kit is great for the holidays and lasts longer than your typical tin of popcorn.

In these custom holiday packages, we included:

  • A microwave popcorn popper

  • A gourmet selection of kernel flavors

  • Chocolove Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cups

  • Gummy Dino Candies

  • Custom Branded Cozy Blanket

  • Notecard with the company’s logo and a custom message

  • Premium packaging with logo accent color crinkle paper

Cozy Cocoa Kit

Cozy Cocoa Kit: Custom holiday packages and gifts at BreakAway Meetings

Cozy up with our cocoa kit and enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa accompanied by the fix-ins. We love to include the following items in this holiday gift package, but our gift packages are always customizable.

  • Cozy night candle

  • Spark gourmet hot cocoa

  • Gourmet marshmallows

  • Chocolate dipped spoons

  • Festive mug

  • Custom branded note

  • Custom-printed logo box

  • Premium packaging with accent color crinkle paper

Cheer-cuterie Kit

Cheer-cuterie kit: Custom holiday packages and gifts at BreakAway Meetings.

Pair cheer with some charcuterie! In this type of holiday gifting kit, we can include items to accompany any cheer-cuterie board like:

  • Cocktail kits

  • Gourmet crackers

  • An exclusive soy candle

  • Nut mixture

  • Cured meats

  • Seasonal jams & jellies

  • Almond toffee

  • Custom branded note

  • Custom-printed logo box

  • Premium packaging with accent color crinkle paper

Time to BreakAway from Basic Holiday Gifts

When it comes to your office holiday party, don’t just give your employees generic holiday gifts you bought that same day. Make the holiday season memorable with BreakAway Meetings.

We offer completely customizable holiday packages for your company’s guests, employees, and clients of all different tastes and preferences. Give giftees items they’ll actually want this holiday season.

Contact us today to BreakAway from the norm and start gifting with our special packages.


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